Purchasing and Supply Management 7th Edition

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About Purchasing and Supply Management 7th Edition Book PDF

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management provides a complete introduction to the important principles underlying the subject area using a flexible managerial perspective. Fully updated, this highly respected textbook covers the latest developments in purchasing and supply chain management with clear and well-structured content complemented by strong case studies that are relevant and engaging. Global examples from Shell, Hewlett Packard, Mattel and Nespresso to name a few, demonstrate the challenges and solutions to problems companies face every day, while the latest research insights add a critical perspective throughout.

Table of Contents of Purchasing and Supply Management 7th Edition

SECTION I Core concepts
1 The role of purchasing in the value chain
2 Industrial buying behaviour: Decision-making in purchasing
3 The purchasing management process
4 Buying business services
5 Contract management for complex projects
6 Public Procurement
SECTION II Strategy and planning
7 Purchasing and business strategy
8 Outsourcing and risk management
9 Category sourcing: developing effective sourcing strategies
10 Purchasing, innovation and quality management
11 Purchasing, logistics and supply chain management
12 Purchasing organization
13 Performance measurement and governance in purchasing
SECTION III Special topics
14 Supplier management: cost approaches and techniques
15 Purchasing, corporate social responsibility and integrity

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