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About The Book Quiver by Laura Avery Read Online Free


I’ve been his emotional punching bag for years. Humiliating me in front of our peers was his sport and knowing he owned every part of me even if I wouldn’t admit it… well, owning me was his obsession.

But that was before. Before I witnessed just how twisted his family really was. Before I went to the cops and turned on one of the most powerful names in the country. Before I ran away from the darkness and tried to find the light without him.

A light that never came.

Because as twisted as it was; Jackson was my light.

Even if I was his darkness.

Two years of absence and his grasp on me is stronger than ever…

But this time he’s out for revenge

And his dream is my nightmare.


I’m going to make her regret the day she ever crossed me.

I waited twenty-four long months for the chance to remind her just how lost her poor existence was without me.

And this time I’m going to break her.

I’m going to break everything good inside of her until there’s nothing left.

Everything pure and innocent will be mine.

Emery is mine.

And she just upgraded to my evil version of paradise.

About The Author For Quiver by Laura Avery Read Online Free

Laura Avery loves meeting bad boys almost as much as she loves writing about them 😉 Growing up in upstate New York/Connecticut she never could meet a man who measured up to her fantasies so she had no choice but to write about them! She specializes in dark romance and loves taking a character that’s considered dark and damaged and helping him grow past the demons that made him that way until he’s the hero we all love to read about! Readers tell her they have never met possessive alpha males they “love to hate” as much as the ones Laura writes about in her books! You can sign up for her mailing list for updates and new releases here: http://eepurl.com/ddsTCz (less)

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