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About The Book Reading Critically, Writing Well Pdf

Adapting the immensely successful approach of The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, Axelrod and Cooper have bridged the gap between reader and rhetoric to create a book that provides both structure for students and flexibility for instructors. By learning and consistently practicing the strategies of Reading for Meaning and Reading Like a Writer, students realize the importance of critical thinking and reading in becoming a good writer in college and beyond. Eight chapters, each with four professional and two student essays, provide step-by-step guides to applying this knowledge in reading and writing specific genres ranging from autobiography to argument. 

About The Author For Reading Critically, Writing Well Pdf

Rise Axelrod (Professor of English Ph. D., University of California, Los Angeles) is a specialist in rhetoric and composition. Her research centers on applied composition studies, with special interests in academic discourse, the connection between reading and writing, the composing process, and genre theory.

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