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About Roitt Essential Immunology 10th Edition PDF Book

Roitt’s Essential Immunology has established itself as the book of choice for students of immunology worldwide. This excellent textbook is commonly regarded as ‘the best of the immunology primers’ and the tenth edition remains at the cutting edge of this fascinating area of science.

The trademark of this book is its highly readable introduction to the subject, its emphasis on core knowledge and its excellent four-color artwork. On the tenth edition, Ivan Roitt is joined by Peter Delves, a brilliant teacher from University College London. Together they have extensively updated all aspects of the book to produce a new edition, which will be an invaluable resource to students of immunology and medicine.

The tenth edition focuses on:

  • dendritic cells
  • intraepithelial lymphocytes
  • NKT and gd T-cells
  • NK receptors
  • non-classical MHC presentation of non-peptidic antigens
  • analysis of TCR-peptide-MHC interactions
  • gene ‘knockouts’ and ‘knockins’
  • cell signaling pathways
  • chemokines and their receptors
  • intimate links between innate and adaptive immunity
  • regulatory T-cells
  • Fcg receptors
  • activation-induced cell death
  • signaling through pattern recognition systems
  • prions
  • DNA vaccines
  • mucosal adjuvants
  • molecular understanding of immunodeficiency
  • CCR5 co-receptor for HIV
  • therapeutic benefit of monoclonal anti-IgE in allergy
  • the excessive hygiene hypothesis
  • induction of antigen-specific tolerance for transplantation
  • heat-shock proteins in tumor immunity and autoimmunity
  • peptide priming of dendritic cells for immunotherapy
  • thymic expression of organ-specific autoantigens

Roitt’s Essential Immunology is supported by a web site at This useful on-line resource contains self-assessment material, future updates, further reading and an image archive.

  • New edition of a best-selling textbook – known internationally by both students & faculty.
  • Completely updated throughout.
  • Greater emphasis on core knowledge & ease of use.
  • Supported by a free on-line companion containing updates, images and self-assessment material.

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