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The Art of Software Testing 3rd Edition Pdf

Download the art of software testing 3rd edition book with a stuvera membership plan together with 100s of other software engineering books for less than the price of testing books free download pdf book is a perfect software engineering book for students and computer engineering practitioners. The software testing books for beginners IT book is suitable for anyone who wish to stay abreast of recent researches and findings in software engineering studies. The art of software testing third edition is one of the quality books you can read to learn more about computer engineering.

About The Art of Software Testing 3rd Edition Pdf Book

This long-awaited revision of one of the best software testing books pdf provides a practical discussion of the nature and aims of software testing. In the art of software testing 3rd edition book You’ll find the latest methodologies for the design of effective test cases, including information on psychological and economic principles, managerial aspects, test tools, high-order testing, code inspections, and debugging. Accessible, comprehensive, and always practical, this edition provides the key information you need to test successfully, whether a novice or a working programmer. Download your the art of software testing 3rd edition pdf book and end up with fewer bugs tomorrow.

Table of Contents of the Art of Software Testing 3rd Edition Book

List of Figures and Tables ix
Preface xi
Introduction xiii
Chapter 1 A Self-Assessment Test 1
Chapter 2 The Psychology and Economics of Program Testing 5
The Psychology of Testing 5
The Economics of Testing 9
Black-Box Testing 9
White-Box Testing 11
Software Testing Principles 14
Summary 20
Chapter 3 Program Inspections, Walkthroughs, and Reviews 21
Inspections and Walkthroughs 22
Code Inspections 24
An Error Checklist for Inspections 27
Data Reference Errors 27
Data-Declaration Errors 29
Computation Errors 30
Comparison Errors 31
Control-Flow Errors 32
Interface Errors 34
Input/Output Errors 35
Other Checks 38
Walkthroughs 38
Desk Checking 40
Peer Ratings 40
Summary 42
Chapter 4 Test-Case Design 43
White-Box Testing 44
Logic-Coverage Testing 44
Equivalence Partitioning 52
An Example 56
Boundary-Value Analysis 59
Cause-Effect Graphing 65
Error Guessing 88
The Strategy 90
Chapter 5 Module (Unit) Testing 91
Test-Case Design 92
Incremental Testing 105
Top-down versus Bottom-up Testing 109
Top-down Testing 110
Bottom-up Testing 116
A Comparison 118
Performing the Test 120
Chapter 6 Higher-Order Testing 123
Function Testing 129
System Testing 130
Facility Testing 133
Volume Testing 133
Stress Testing 134
Usability Testing 135
Security Testing 137
Performance Testing 137
Storage Testing 138
Configuration Testing 138
Compatibility/Configuration/Conversion Testing 138
Installability Testing 139
Reliability Testing 139
Recovery Testing 141
Serviceability Testing 142
Documentation Testing 142
Procedure Testing 142
Performing the System Test 143
Acceptance Testing 144
Installation Testing 144
Test Planning and Control 145
Test Completion Criteria 148
The Independent Test Agency 155
Chapter 7 Debugging 157
Debugging by Brute Force 158
Debugging by Induction 160
Debugging by Deduction 164
Debugging by Backtracking 168
Debugging by Testing 169
Debugging Principles 170
Error-Locating Principles 170
Error-Repairing Techniques 171
Error Analysis 173
Chapter 8 Extreme Testing 177
Extreme Programming Basics 178
Extreme Testing: The Concepts 183
Extreme Unit Testing 183
Acceptance Testing 185
Extreme Testing Applied 186
Test-Case Design 186
Test Driver and Application 189
Summary 191
Chapter 9 Testing Internet Applications 193
Basic E-commerce Architecture 194
Testing Challenges 196
Testing Strategies 200
Presentation Layer Testing 202
Business Layer Testing 205
Data Layer Testing 208
Appendix A Sample Extreme Testing Application 213
Appendix B Prime Numbers Less Than 1,000 221
Glossary 223
Index 227

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