Looking for some of the best shipping law books online? Then you don’t have to wait but to download the shipping law 4th edition book. This shipping law book will educate you on all the knowledge you need to stay abreast of all the legal issues surrounding shipping activities both locally and internationally. 

About The Shipping Law 4th Edition Book

Shipping Law 4th Edition book covers the whole spectrum of English shipping law. It takes a structured and integrated approach to the highly specialised rules of shipping, which are placed in their commercial context and related to the general principles of English contract and tort law.

The fourth edition of the Shipping Law book has been expanded in many areas, to take into account developments such as the 2007 Wreck Removal Convention and the Rotterdam Rules on contracts for the international carriage of goods wholly or partly by sea. In-depth analysis is provided of recent important judicial decisions, such as that of the European Court of Justice in Owusu v Jackson; those of the House of Lords in The Jordan II, The Achilleas, The Rafaela S and The Golden Victory; and those of the Court of Appeal in The CMA Djakarta and The Tropical Reefer.

This shipping law book provides an invaluable source of reference on the subject and will be of use to both students and to those in practice.

Table of Contents for Shipping Law 4th Edition pdf

The Commercial Background; Title to Sue; Providing Loss or Damage in Transit; The Terms of the Bill of Lading Contract; Statutory Terms of the Bill of Lading Contract; The Future? The Hamburg Rules and The Rotterdam Rules; Combined Transport; Carriage by Road – CMR; Charterparties; Voyage Charterparties Payment of Freight; Voyage Charters – Laytime and Demurrage; Time Charters; Damages and Frustration; Collisions; Salvage; General Average; Marine Pollution; Jurisdiction and Applicable Law; Security and Interlocutory Relief; Limitation of Liability.

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