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ABOUT THE BOOK: N Sanyal Book pdf free download

Reactions, Rearrangements and Reagents is a concise collection of important organic named reactions, rearrangements and reagents, along with their mechanisms and synthetic applications. It fulfils the requirements of various competitive examinations and university courses, and serves as a ready reckoner for students and teachers.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: N Sanyal Book pdf free download


Allylic Rearrangement16

Azo Coupling26

BakerVenkataraman Rearrangement32

BartonMc Combie Reaction Barton Desoxigenation40

Benzidine Rearrangement47

Benzilic Acid Rearragement53

BischlerNapieralski Synthesis61

Fehlings Test Benedicts Test152

FriedelCraft Reaction158

Fries Rearrangement169


Gattermann Reaction or Gattermanns Aldehyde Synthesis181

Haloform Reaction188

HofmannLofflerFreytag Reactions195

Hofmann Reaction Hofmann Degradation of Amides199

Bucherer Reaction68

Carbylamine Reaction76

Claisen Rearrangement87

ClaisenSchmidt Reaction or Claisen Reaction93

Cope Elimination102

Criegee Reaction112

Dakin Reaction118


DielsAlder Reaction130

DienonePhenol Rearrangement140

Ene Reaction or AlderEna Reaction146

Hunsdieckers Reaction206

Kolbes Electrolytic Reaction or Method215

Liebermanns Nitroso Test221

MeerweinPonndorfVerley Reduction233

Mullikens Test243

Oppenauer Oxidation251

Perkins Reaction260

Pinacol Coupling Reaction267

Reformatsky Reaction277

Ritter Reaction286


sn sanyal organic chemistry book pdf

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