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ABOUT THE BOOK SOC 2018 Jon Witt PDF free download

Make Sociology new with McGraw-Hill’s Connect Sociology and SOC 2018 freepdf download. Integral to Connect is Investigate Sociology, a tool that develops students’ sociological imaginations by placing them in provocative scenarios where they must analyze various sources and determine a solution. Connect also comes with LearnSmart, an adaptive questioning tool proven to increase content comprehension and student results, as well as fun interactivities like In their Shoes and Applying the Perspectives that teach sociology’s three theoretical frameworks. New to this edition are Concept Clips, short two to four minute assignable videos that review topics essential to an introductory course. Also new is Newsflash, an assignment that will keep your course full of current material by using articles and links all to keep your students involved and invested in the course because they can see what matters to them (add bold if possible). Finally, make sure students come prepared to class by assigning our many e-book activities. With McGraw-Hill’s digital tools, focus on what you do best—teaching.

Unique to this program,soc 2018 jon witt pdf free download uses extensive research to meet students where they are, by providing an appealing, affordable and current program. soc 2018 jon witt e-book download, coupled with powerful digital learning tools, makes SOC 2018 an ideal choice for your introductory course.

Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, and how they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents1. The Sociological Imagination2. Sociological Research 3. Culture 4. Socialization5. Social Structure and Interaction6. Deviance 7. Families 8. Education and Religion9. Government and Economy 10. Social Class11. Global Inequality 12. Gender and Sexuality 13. Race and Ethnicity14. Population, Health, and Environment 15. Social Change

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