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This Theory of Machines Pdf book is meant for two semester course on Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery for undergraduate students. The fourth edition of this hallmark SS Rattan Theory of Machines textbook continues to provide complete coverage on essentials of kinematics and dynamics of machines with updated coverage on new mechanisms. Contents: 1. Mechanisms and Machines 2. Velocity 3. Acceleration 4. Computer-Aided Analysis of Mechanisms 5. Graphical and Computer-Aided Synthesis of Mechanisms Part A: Graphical Methods 6. Lower Pairs 7. Cams 8. Friction 9. Belts, Ropes and Chains 10. Gears 11. Gear Trains 12. Static Force Analysis 13. Dynamic Force Analysis 14. Balancing 15. Brakes and Dynamometers 16. Governors 17. Gyroscope 18. Vibrations 19. Automatic Control Appendix-I Glossary of Terms Appendix-II Important Relations and Results Printed Pages: 0. Bookseller Inventory # 84885

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