Looking for a quality psychology dictionary pdf that contains all the slogan and terminology use in the field of psychology? Then you might need to consider downloading the Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology. The Cambridge dictionary of psychology is one of the most used psychology dictionary online for students and psychology practitioners.

About The Cambridge psychology dictionary pdf Book

The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology is the first and only dictionary that surveys the broad discipline of psychology from an international, cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary focus. This focus was achieved in several ways. The managing and consulting editor boards were comprised of world-renowned scholars in psychology from many different countries, not just the United States. They reviewed and edited all of the keyword entries to make them lively and applicable across cultural contexts, incorporating the latest knowledge in contemporary international psychology. Thus entries related to culture, as well as those from all domains of psychology, are written with the broadest possible audience in mind. Also, many keywords central to contemporary psychology were incorporated in the the Cambridge dictionary of psychology that are not included in many competitors psychology dictionary, including the Oxford psychology dictionary and APA psychology dictionary.

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