About The The Law of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code 3rd Edition Book

THE LAW OF CONTRACTS AND THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, 3e, covers all the important features of common law contracts, as well as Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code in a practical, understandable, and realistic manner. Real cases demonstrate how the concepts in each chapter are applied, and the fact pattern is used throughout the chapter to demonstrate how contracts and their concepts affect our daily lives, often with unusual results. Using a fluid and interesting writing style, the author reduces contract law to its basic components and provides examples that build on other examples. Chapter summaries, review questions, exercises, a running glossary, and–new to this edition–learning objectives help your students to fully grasp this complex area of the law.


Table of Contents

Contract Law: A General Introduction 2. Contract Basics: An Overview. PART II: FORMING THE CONTRACTS: THE NECESSARY ELEMENTS. 3. Formation of a Contraction: Offer and Acceptance. 4. Consideration: The Value for the Promise. 5. Mutual Assent of the Parties. 6. Capacity: The Ability to Contract. 7. Legality in Contracts. 8. Proper Form of the Contract: The Writing. PART III: CONTRACT PERFORMANCE AND REMEDIES. 9. Performance and Discharge of the Contract. 10. Remedies in Contract Law. 11. Third Party Contracts. PART IV: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE: ARTICLE 2. 12. Sales: Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code. 13. Performance Under Article 2: Seller and Buyer Duties. 14. Title, Risk of Loss, and Warranties. 15. Seller and Buyer Remedies. 16. Contracts and the Internet: Something Borrowed, Something New. PART V: DRAFTING CONTRACTS. 17. Drafting a Contract: The Essentials. 18. Drafting a Contract: Specific Provisions. 19. Analyzing a Contracts Problem: Putting Theory into Practice.

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