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About the Little Book of Alternative Investments Book PDF


“Ben and Phil have done it again. Another lucid, insightful book, designed to enhance your wealth! In today’s stock-addled cult of equities, there is a gaping hole in most investors’ portfolios…the whole panoply of alternative investments that can simultaneously help us cut our risk, better hedge our inflation risk, and boost our return. This Little Book is filled with big ideas on how to make these markets and strategies a treasured part of our investing toolkit.”
Robert Arnott, Chairman, Research Affiliates

“I have been reading Ben Stein for thirty-five years and Phil DeMuth since he joined up with Ben ten years ago. They do solid work, and this latest is no exception.”
Jim Rogers, author of A Gift to My Children

“If anyone can make hedge funds sexy, Stein and DeMuth can, and they’ve done it with style in this engaging, instructive, and tasteful how-to guide for investing in alternatives. But you should read this Kama Sutra of investment manuals not just for the thrills, but also to learn how to avoid the hazards of promiscuous and unprotected investing.”
Andrew Lo, Professor and Director, MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering


  1. Front Matter Pages i-xi PDF
  2. Alternative Investments on Contemporary Financial Market Ewelina Sokołowska Pages 1-20
  3. Hedge Funds Ewelina Sokołowska Pages 21-53
  4. Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds Ewelina Sokołowska Pages 55-79
  5. Funds of Funds Ewelina Sokołowska Pages 81-93
  6. Managed Futures Investments Ewelina Sokołowska Pages 95-111
  7. Structured Products Ewelina Sokołowska Pages 113-128
  8. Private Equity/Venture Capital Investments Ewelina Sokołowska Pages 129-150
  9. Back Matter Pages 151-186

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