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The Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety

Learn the principles governing health and occupational safety in your workplace in The Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety book and grasp all the knowledge you need to manage health and safety policies in your organization.

About The The Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety Book

No manager wants to see employees get hurt, but few are fully prepared to play meaningful roles in safety. The Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety is designed to provide managers with the relevant knowhow and proactive approaches to understand and take on safety management. With over 70 years of combined safety-training experience, authors R. Scott Stricoff and Donald R. Groover have worked with executives, managers, and supervisors from across the world to make significant advances in keeping people safe, engaged, and motivated in the workplace. Going beyond the generalities of typical safety resources, this Manager’s Guide to Workplace Safety book provides practical guidance on what an individual with management responsibility should do to support and drive safety excellence.

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