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I loved this story couldn’t put it down. London 1516 Angeline Knox was fourteen years old working for Lord Maynard as one of his maids. Farrah was the master of the household and she looked after Angeline, but she knew that Angeline was in danger by the way Lord Maynard would look at her. One day the Alpha of the Millennium showed up and looked at Angeline and told Lord Maynard that she belonged to him. On the night of the Yule Ball Angeline had a private dinner with the Alpha in his room, but after spending the night with him he left without saying anything to her. Farrah did everything she could to help Angeline now that the Alpha was gone. One day when Angeline was walking with Snow in her arms a powerful Deity came to her and took something precious from her. Meanwhile Eve has powers and she’s on a mission to complete so she can get something precious that was taken from her five hundred years ago. The Alpha of the Millennium Raphael knows that Eve is his mate but he can’t understand why she keeps fighting him, but Eve hates him for what he did to her long ago. One day the Deity comes back to Eve and told her that if she kills Raphael he would give back what he took from her

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During the Mating Season, every werewolf must find a partner to help relieving the sex craze, aka the Haze. Since all werewolves who’re sixteen and onward have sex during the season, it is widely regarded as a social code. Not Sienna Mercer. Nineteen and very much a werewolf, Sienna Prefers the human way of waiting for the right guy, or in her case her future mate, even if it means suffering a great deal of sexual torture during the mating season. But the season isn’t called ‘Mating’ for nothing, for the stakes of meeting your mate throughout the season are much higher than usual, and with the season in full swing and a certain alpha’s contemplative interest, Sienna finds that, most likely, this season she’ll be virgin no more.

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