The Millennium Wolves Book 1

The Millennium Wolves Book 1 pdf is the first book in the series by sair

About The Millennium Wolves Book 1

She has a mission. He’s planning to make her fail.

She has to keep a vow. He’s going to make her reconsider her priorities.

What a woman, who’s been given too many tasks to count, can do when the Alpha of the Millennium, the strongest werewolf who’s ever existed, intends to make her his?

Table of Contents of The Millennium Wolves Book 1


    Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Three

    Chapter Four

    Chapter Five

    Chapter Six

    Chapter Seven

    Chapter Eight

    Chapter Nine

    Chapter Ten

    Chapter Eleven

    Chapter Twelve

    Chapter Thirteen

    Chapter Fourteen

    Chapter Fifteen

    Chapter Sixteen

    Chapter Seventeen

    Chapter Eighteen

    Chapter Nineteen

    Chapter Twenty

    Chapter Twenty-One

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    Chapter Twenty-Three

    Chapter Twenty-Four

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    Chapter Twenty-Six

    Chapter Twenty-Seven

    Chapter Twenty-Eight

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Chapter Thirty

    Chapter Thirty-One

    Chapter Thirty-Two

    Chapter Thirty-Three

    Chapter Thirty-Four

    Chapter Thirty-Five

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    Chapter Thirty-Seven

    Chapter Thirty-Eight

    Chapter Thirty-Nine

    Chapter Forty

    Chapter Forty-One

    Chapter Forty-Two

    Chapter Forty-Three

    Chapter Forty-Four

    Chapter Forty-Five

    Chapter Forty-Six

    Chapter Forty-Seven

    Chapter Forty-Eight

    Chapter Forty-Nine

    Chapter Fifty


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