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This story is an interesting look at life and what people would do to be happy. The question for the reader is would you live in Omelas and follow the rules, or would you be unable to accept the rules, knowing your happiness depends on the suffering of another, and walk away?

I also found the writing style interesting. It reminded me of the process I go through when planning a story, at least the way the thoughts are organized.

Also, as BTS ARMY, this story sheds some light on their Spring Day music video.

I think this is a great short story for everyone to read if you like a story that makes you think and contemplate life and happiness.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Epub

The recipient of numerous literary prizes, including the National Book Award, the Kafka Award, and the Pushcart Prize, Ursula K. Le Guin is renowned for her spare, elegant prose, rich characterization, and diverse worlds. “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” is a short story originally published in the collection The Wind’s Twelve Quarters.

About the Author

Ursula Kroeber Le Guin (US /ˈɜːrsələ ˈkroʊbər ləˈɡwɪn/; born October 21, 1929) is an American author of novels, children’s books, and short stories, mainly in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. She has also written poetry and essays. First published in the 1960s, her work has often depicted futuristic or imaginary alternative worlds in politics, the natural environment, gender, religion, sexuality and ethnography..

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