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About The Book The Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai Pdf

Memoirs of a Geisha meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in a gorgeously vivid, fresh historical that instantly captures the imagination
I am Kozaisho: Fifth daughter, Woman-For-Play, teller of stories, lover, wife, and Flower Samurai.

In the rich, dazzling, brutal world of 12th century Japan, one young girl begins her epic journey, from the warmth of family to the Village of Outcasts. Marked out by an auspicious omen, she is trained in the ancient warrior arts of the samurai. But it is through the power of storytelling that she learns to fight her fate, twisting her life onto a path even she could not have imagined. With stunning precision, the narrative evokes the beauty and clarity of the art and culture of Japan at that time, with Kozaisho’s tales woven in bringing a fable-like quality to the tale. 

About The Author For The Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai Pdf

I am an award-winning author who has studied Japanese (Heian) history and culture for over a decade. My office is packed with Japanese history books and articles and as many irises as I can find. I study sumie (Japanese brush) painting and plan to illustrate some of my children’s books. With a strong background in English Literature, I currently write and teach in San Antonio, Texas.

My current book is Pillow Book of the Flower Samurai (translated into Italian and Hungarian).
I am currently working on the sequel.

With the Japanese book-reading challenge, let me know what you think! 

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