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About the Secret Science of the Stock Market PDF Book

The Secret Science of the Stock Market about time and price. “Timing is evething” is the saying but that presumes that you buy or sell at extremely favorable prices, and these only come infrequently and exist for only brief moments. To be a success in the markets you must buy low and sell high and that is always a relative concept.


  • Chapter 1.: Lines
  • Chapter 2: Logarithms
  • Chapter 3: Jenkins True Trend Lines
  • Chapter 4: Squaring The Range
  • Chapter 5: Circles
  • Chapter 6: Squares
  • Chapter 7: Pythagorean Theorem
  • Chapter 8: Gann Square of Nine
  • Chapter 9: Music
  • Chapter 10: Ratios
  • Chapter 11: Let The Market Tell You
  • Chapter 12: Working Examples

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