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About the Successful Investor Book PDF

More than 80 million investors lost 50 to 80 percent of their savings in the recent stock market crash. Investor’s Business Daily publisher William J. O’Neil, however, was one of the first to see–and warn investors about–the dangers inherent in what had been, up to that point, a historic bull market run. Those who followed his counsel were able to sidestep devastating losses and emerge with their sizable bull market profits largely intact.

In The Successful Investor, O’Neil steps up to tell all investors how they can make money and, more important, avoid losses in up markets, down markets, and everything in between. Showing how mistakes made in the recent market collapse were amazingly similar to those made in previous down cycles, O’Neil reveals simple steps investors can follow to avoid costly mistakes and:

Buy only the best stocks at only the best times
Follow a market-tested 3-to-1 Profit-and-Loss Percentage Plan
Know when to sell for the biggest possible profit
Recognize chart patterns that presage enormous market moves
Manage a portfolio over time to maximize its returns
William O’Neil has succeeded in virtually every market environment by following a stable, nonemotional investment plan. In his latest book, O’Neil explains how anyone can follow that plan to become a profitable long-term investor, regardless of market tides or turns.

The Successful Investor will bring reason and welcome relief to all investors buffeted and bewildered by the perils and uncertainty of today’s stock market. 

Table of Contents of The Successful Investor PDF

Introduction Preparing for Tomorrow’s Challenges
Chapter 1 Gathering Intelligence
Chapter 2 Assessing the Risk
Chapter 3 Taming the Beast
Chapter 4 A Nibble from the Free Lunch
Chapter 5 Travels on the Efficient Frontier
Chapter 6 The Asset Allocation Decision
Chapter 7 The Efficient Market Debate
Chapter 8 Can Managers Add Value?
Chapter 9 Doing It with Style
Chapter 10 Fun with Numbers
Chapter 11 Setting Your Goals
Chapter 12 Building Your Portfolio
Chapter 13 Portfolio Tactics
Chapter 14 Pigs, Mousetraps & Revolution
Chapter 15 It’s a Jungle Out There
Chapter 16 The Joys of Fund Selection
Chapter 17 Fund Alternatives
Chapter 18 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Chapter 19 Tending Your Garden
Chapter 20 Education and Retirement: Ouch!
Chapter 21 Investor, Heal Thyself
Chapter 22 All the Wrong Stuff
Investment Strategies for the 21st Century, by Frank Armstrong[12/22/2008 4:59:36 PM]
Chapter 23 Will the Real Investment Advisor Please Stand
Chapter 24 Pulling It All Together

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