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The World in 2018 will build on three decades of publishing success: this will be the 32nd edition.The World in 2018 will be specific, numerate and opinionated: full of predictions, and a good read. The Economist’s writers will be joined by distinguished editors and columnists from other publications: leaders from business, politics, science and the arts will also add their ideas for 2018. It will look ahead to a World Cup in Russia, mid-term elections in America, tourists taken around the moon, plenty of poignant anniversaries—100 years since the Armistice ended fighting on the Western Front, 50 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, 10 years of Apple’s App Store—and a host of powerful ideas about the future, not least driven by technology: it will be a big year for drones and geoengineering. Beyond the print edition there will be full digital and audio editions, a range of 2018-themed videos, an Economist Radio series and high-profile events in Asia, Europe and America. 

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The Economist is an international weekly newspaper printed in magazine-format and published digitally that focuses on current affairs, international business, politics, and technology.

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