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I’m always a little bit apprehensive when I start a middle book in a series, especially when I loved the first installment as much as I did Rebel of the Sands. But I shouldn’t have worried about this book! Although Traitor to the Throne does employ the separation trope, this is a very strong sequel. I liked it as much – and maybe more than its predecessor.

Amani is my first love of this series. Whether she is on a mission to a desert town, or unexpectedly finds herself captured and taken to the Sultan’s palace, this girl is strong and capable. But Amani is not a typical martyr heroine, offering herself up as a sacrifice in need of saving. She’s able and willing to make smart but difficult choices in the name of rebellion. Amani is badass and a survivor, even in moments when her choices are taken away from her. But Amani is not an island to herself, and I enjoyed seeing Amani as part of a larger group, with friends and people she trusts and respects. That is so different from the girl we met in book one.

Although I hated seeing Amani captured, I love that through the experience, Amani’s understanding of her world is broadened. Amani gains invaluable perspective when she is taken right to the heart of the ruthless Sultan’s palace, coming face to face with the very ruler the rebellion is fighting against. While in the palace, Amani begins to think about what the rebellion means for all sides, as well as how her previous – often rash – decisions have affected others. Some of my formed opinions of characters even changed throughout this book, and I loved the further complexities that gave the story.

Traitor to the Throne is not always fast paced, but this pacing allows more reflection, and I think that’s almost more important for Amani’s growth and continued work with the rebellion. Even so, this story is intense. A lot of action is packed in too, especially near the end. These characters are starting a revolution and that means people are going to die – and do die in this story. Very hard choices have to be made, and though they made my heart break, I admired the characters’ willingness to make them and keep moving forward.

The romance was definitely one of my favorite parts of the first book, and continues to be so in this installment, despite the fact that Jin and Amani spend a lot of time apart. While separations are never my favorite, and I love seeing these two work together the most, it wasn’t as painful as I feared. Mostly because Amani has Things To Do and she doesn’t let herself get pulled into unnecessary angst. I love Jin and I think he’s a great match for Amani – they are stronger when working together, but I have to admit to being a little bit upset with him in this story. Jin loves Amani and his brother Ahmed, but his heart isn’t in their rebellion and that definitely causes some issues. However, Jin and Amani’s love for each other is palpable and this story does have some sweet and swoony moments. I have high hopes for the continued progression of their romance in the final book in this series. (GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER BOY).

I loved how this story developed. However, I do think some of the official cover copy was overstated a bit. There were definitely revelations and surprises and moments of reflection, but not exactly what I anticipated from my first look at the book’s description. Thankfully, I’m very happy and excited about where this story took me and its characters.

This is a book and series that I adore and highly recommend. I’m dying for the finale now!

Traitor To The Throne Epub

A sizzling sequel to Rebel of the Sands that will make you question everything you thought you knew about the land of Miraji!
The gunslinger Amani al’Hiza never wanted to be a hero or a revolutionary, but now she’s become a key member of the rapidly growing rebellion against the Sultan of Miraji. After Amani is captured by the Sultan’s army and imprisoned in his palace, she realizes she’s there not to be questioned as a rebel but used as a Demdji. As Amani tries to spy on the enemy and plots her escape, Jin and the rebels are brewing a rescue plan. But the longer Amani stays in the palace, the more she questions if the Sultan is the tyrant she’s believed or just a ruler fighting foreigners for his country. As the rebellion swiftly spirals into war, Amani wonders whether she’s on the right side.

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