Learn how to the function of upper limb in the upper limb stroke rehabilitation exercises and gain a full understanding of the principles surrounding upper limb stroke rehabilitation exercises process.

About The upper limb stroke rehabilitation exercises Book

Restoration of Functions in Upper Limb Paralyses and Muscular Defects provides the necessary information for the surgical management of muscular defects and neurobiological disorders of the upper extremity and details the restoration of essential functions in this area.

This upper limb stroke rehabilitation exercises text examines:

Upper extremity paralysis and muscular deficits
Free muscle transfer
Obstetrical paralyses: primary surgery
Volkmann syndrome
The tetraplegic upper limb
Physiology of nerve regeneration
Electrodiagnosis studies
Pathological mechanics
Drawing on extensive practical clinical experience, the contributors to this volume present practitioners working with these afflicted patients with an authoritative, insightful resource to find solutions for a range of paralysis challenges and further enhance their practice.

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