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About The Book Vert Shock By Adam Folker Pdf

The Vert Shock program is designed and created by Adam Folker. He is a native Canadian and he has played at UC Irvine.

He is currently playing a professional basketball game for the Czech Republic.

He claims that he knows the secret to improve vertical jump efficiently, allowing everyone to dunk even if they aren’t six feet tall. He understands the needs for people to dunk correctly without them having to spend money to join classes and courses because not everyone has the resources and funds to take the classes.

Folker isn’t alone in this project. He is accompanied by Justin Darlington who got his nickname as ‘Jus Fly’ because of his ability to dunk. Truly knows what he’s doing.


First of all, you can really expect a real result, as long as you are determined to follow the steps and the program, you should be able to see the result within 8 weeks.
Second, the program is laid out in a very interesting and also easy user interface. Getting access to the information is easy and simple and straightforward. Not to mention that you can also get the useful information that can improve your skills and ability.
Another thing to like about this Vert Shock guide is that you can set up your own gym at home without having to join a gym membership or buy the expensive stuff. Yes, this guide will show you that it is possible to exercise around the house in the most inexpensive way.
Moreover, the guide is accompanied by the handy videos which will show you how to do the exercises correctly. Having theories is definitely handy but having the videos will be much helpful and useful. And watching the professional shows the proper way to do it will help – at least it will minimize mistakes and errors.

About The Author For Vert Shock By Adam Folker Pdf

Adam Folker · From Markham Marauders to Irvine Anteaters Now, Folker is a fifth year business economics major playing center for the up-and-coming UC Irvine

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