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About The Book Where Will Man Take Us Pdf

The first person who will live to be 150 years old has already been born.
The screen that we peer into will soon be within us.
We could soon be taking happiness pills before breakfast.
The perfect partner might need to be charged before bed.

This is a new world we are walking into. And the man who began this journey won’t be the man who ends this journey. Where Will Man Take Us? explores the changes technology is bringing about in us as a society and as a species. What will the next generation turn into, what will it be like, how will the new Adam and Eve live and love?
In this book, Atul Jalan tackles nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and genetics, seamlessly weaving the future of technology with the changing dynamics of human love, morality and ethics. 

About The Author For Where Will Man Take Us Pdf

By day, Atul is founder-CEO at Manthan Systems, his fourth successful venture as an entrepreneur. Manthan was born more than 13 years ago as a result of Atul’s conviction that data and analytics would be the next big thing after the digital transformation. Today, several analytics-driven Fortune 500 companies rely on Manthan for their customer-centric strategies.

Atul is a well-known and frequently-heard voice on analytics and emerging technologies was acknowledged among India’s 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders in 2015.

Atul is also, literally, always on the move. He is an incurable traveller and loves to document not just the sights but socio-economic, historical and ideological journeys civilisations and places take.

Atul is a persistent amateur poet and can always be counted on to recite a few verses when camaraderie sets in. Richard Feynman, Vivian Richards, Johannes Vermeer, Johannes Gutenberg, astronomy, quantum physics, the movies, Atul can be equally loquacious about each or any of these.

There’s always something around the corner, something exciting. There’s no rest.

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