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About Winning the Game of Stocks Adam Khoo Book PDF

Do you find yourself working very hard but not creating enough wealth to live the lifestyle you want or to even save for a comfortable retirement? You are going to learn how ordinary people, even those with no prior investing experience, can truly build a multi-million dollar net worth and regular passive income with the right investment strategies.

However, we live in an economic era when making money is no longer as easy as investing in good stocks and mutual funds and watching them appreciate over time. Today’s volatile and interconnected financial system means that the stocks you own can come crashing down today and climb even higher tomorrow due to developments in Europe and the Middle East.

Yet, investing in the stock market still provides one of the best returns for your savings and the only way through which an average income earner can hope to become financially free. This is why it is important for you to become a savvy investor who knows how to achieve consistent profits —even in an uncertain global economy.

In this book, you are going to learn to…

• Invest in Winning Stocks That Generate High Double-Digit Returns
• Identify Market Uptrends and Downtrends Accurately
• Hedge and Protect Your Portfolio from Market Crashes
• Short Sell and Profit in a Down-trending Market
• Manage Your Risks and Maximize Your Returns
• Develop the Psychology of a Disciplined Investor
• Build a Winning Portfolio That Suits Your Investment Goals
• Build a Passive Income Stream from Real Estate Investment Trusts
• Build a Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth on an Average Income


Introduction 03

1.Success is a Journey

2.Success Leaves Clues: Study It

3.Raise Your Standards. Don’t settle for Mediocrity

4.The Price of Talent is 10,000 Hours

5.You Become Whom You Spend Time With

6.Leveraging Your Way to Success

7.Mastering Your Inner World

8.Change Your Identity. Change Your Life.

9.Develop Success Habits

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