Get a step-by-step approach to clear, accurate English pronunciation with this comprehensive 220-page  English Pronunciation Book PDF. You’ll begin by learning how pronunciation is organized in the language, then you’ll learn the basics of sounds and intonation, consonants and vowels , connected speech, and some aspects of individual languages. Ever wonder about that accent you’re attempting to master or if foreign language spelling rules apply to English? Is French or Spanish your second language? Want to share your passion for the language with friends and family but never seem to find the time? Now is your chance to unlock the secrets of good pronunciation and communicate more clearly. Read on for lots more…

A proven performer and sales leader, the English Pronunciation Book pdf teaches English pronunciation by using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols. The student uses the key on the cover to decode these symbols and then pronounces the word. The flash cards are useful both in class and for private study. Also included is a CD that can be used with a personal computer or with a stand-alone player. Backpacker Magazine calls it “one of the best phonetics instructional pieces available.” This new edition has even more exercises and continued support. We can help you get the the handbook of english pronunciation pdf through our site. Searching online and not getting the answer you desire can be very annoying trust me I know it’s hard but that doesn’t happen in

The English Pronunciation Book PDF Free is a self-paced course to help those who seek to learn proper English pronunciation. This quick start guide explains what is covered, and provides a sample exercise so you can see exactly how the course is laid out. To download the exercise for free, click on the link below: If you want information on english pronunciation practice pdf and other related books like the american english pronunciation book pdf visit


I have a good level of english but my pronunciation was very thick. I took on some very expensive pronunciation classes but couldn’t notice any progress until I got hold of the handbook of english pronunciation pdf.
I enjoyed the lessons and it has dramatically improve my communication skills and increased my confidence level.

About the book english pronunciation book pdf free download

You want to learn English pronunciation but there are so many books to choose from. You don’t know which book is right for you, and you don’t know which book can give you the results you want.

Now look at this:

My name is Ken Xiao. I didn’t speak any English when I moved to the United States at the age of 17, but listen to my English now! The audio of this is my voice!

In this english pronunciation book pdf free, you’ll learn English pronunciation from a successful English teacher, me, who has walked in your shoes before. You’ll learn to pronounce it perfectly in four months with 100% accuracy like me!

Take a look at the following pairs of words. Do they sound the same or different?
Sheep, ship
cop, cup
food, foot

Yes, they sound different. How about these pairs?
cap, cab
life, live
latter, ladder

Yes, they sound different, too. Look at the following sentences. Can you say them right?
Walk up a hill in high heels to see how you’ll feel.
Friend A, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”
Friend B, “Agreed! Give me your money.”

How about these sentences. Can you say them correctly?
Wipe a viper with a wiper is wise only if you’re truly prepared to die.
Wear your best vest facing west then give your kid this kit.
Excuse me. what’s your excuse to take back your bag?

If you think you’ve got them right, congratulations, you’ve got them wrong.

I have been in your shoes before, and I know you’ve got them wrong.

Many words in English sound so similar, too similar that we think they’re the same. Pronouncing the right words wrong can mean something else. Even slightly mispronouncing some words can damage everything.

Let’s take a look at this sentence:

Take the crab to the beach.

That’s what we intended to say, but you said it wrong. You mispronounced two words, embarrassed yourself, and ruined everything.

Do you know what you’ve pronounced wrong?

Let’s train our ears to hear the slight differences between similar sounds and train our mouth to pronounce the slight differences between similar sounds.

For beginners, let’s learn English pronunciation perfectly right away from the beginning.

For intermediate learners, let’s correct our pronunciation and then perfect it.

For advanced learners, let’s find out what we’ve got wrong, and then get them right.

For all learners, let’s do so even if we have a tight schedule.

In this book, you will:
1. Learn English pronunciation.
2. Perfect your English pronunciation.
3. Do so easily.
4. Laugh.

Learn English pronunciation from the successful! Follow my steps in this book to learn English pronunciation and pronounce it perfectly with 100% accuracy! Let’s achieve that in four months and have fun.

Get the handbook of english pronunciation pdf now!

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