Global Corporate Finance 6th Edition

About The Book Global Corporate Finance 6th Edition

 Global Corporate Finance, sixth edition provides students with the practical skills needed to understand global financial problems and techniques.

  • Retains the user-friendly format of previous editions while offering expanded material on corporate finance and governance, international markets, global financial dynamics and strategies, and risk management techniques
  • Each chapter begins with a real-world case study to be explained by theories and research findings presented throughout the chapter
  • End-of-chapter mini-cases further reinforce students’ understanding of the material covered
  • This edition is supported by a comprehensive Study Guide and an Instructor’s Manual, available at

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Table of Contents

Preface.Part I: The Global Financial Environment:.

1. Introduction.

2. Motives for World Trade and Foreign Investment.

3. The Balance of Payments.

4. The International Monetary System.

Part II: Corporate Foreign Exchange Risk Management:.

5. The Foreign Exchange Market and Parity Conditions.

6. Currency Futures and Options.

7. Financial Swaps.

8. Exchange Rate Determination and Forecasting.

9. Foreign Exchange Risk Management.

Part III: The Global Financing Strategy:.

10. International Financial Markets.

11. International Money Markets.

12. International Credit Markets.

13. International Banking Issues and Country Risk Analysis.

14. Financing Foreign Trade.

15. Financing Foreign Investment.

Part IV: The Global Investment Strategy:.

16. International Working Capital Management.

17. International Portfolio Investment.

18. Corporate Strategy and Foreign Direct Investment.

19. International Capital Budgeting Decisions.

20. The Cost of Capital for Foreign Projects.

21. Political Risk Management.

Part V: The Global Reporting and Controlling Decision:.

22. International Capital Budgeting Decision.

Web Resources and Internet Exercises.

Answers to Selected End-of -Chapter Problems.



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