10 Good Historical Romance Audiobooks Youtube

Do you read romance? Are you a fan of audiobooks? Personally, I’m a longtime fan of the former but new to the latter. I have resisted the call of audio for quite a while. Listening to someone read to me seemed inconceivable. It took LeVar Burton reading to me (okay, not just to me) before I was able to consider the possibility that listening to another person read might not only be tolerable, it might even be enjoyable.

1. No Longer a Gentleman

2.  Gentle Warrior Audiobook

3. A Taste Of Fire

4. Fool Me Twice Audiobook

5. Love and Other Scandals Scandalous

6. Warrior’s Song (Medieval Song #1)

7. The Accidental Bride (The Bride 2)


9. Sweetest Scoundrel Audiobook

10. Never Seduce A Scot 



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