How many liters in a pint? how many liters are in a pint? how many liters in a pint? how many liters are in a pint? how many milliliters in a pint? Whatever your question or however you put it, bring you answers that will give you a better understanding of Liter and pint.

Liters to pints volume measurement units conversion factors are listed below. To find out how many pints in liters, multiply by the right conversion factor or instead, use the converter.

1 Liter = 2.11337642 Pints [Fluid, US]
1 Liter = 1.75975398 Pints [UK]

Liter is a volume unit and equals to 2.11 US liquid pints, 1.816 US dry pints and 1.76 imperial (UK) pints. The abbreviation is “L“.

Pint is an imperial and US customary volume unit and equals to 0.47 liters and 16 fl. ounces. The abbreviation is “pt“.


Liter to Pint Conversion Table [US]

1 L2.11 pt26 L54.95 pt51 L107.78 pt76 L160.62 pt
2 L4.23 pt27 L57.06 pt52 L109.90 pt77 L162.73 pt
3 L6.34 pt28 L59.17 pt53 L112.01 pt78 L164.84 pt
4 L8.45 pt29 L61.29 pt54 L114.12 pt79 L166.96 pt
5 L10.57 pt30 L63.40 pt55 L116.24 pt80 L169.07 pt
6 L12.68 pt31 L65.51 pt56 L118.35 pt81 L171.18 pt
7 L14.79 pt32 L67.63 pt57 L120.46 pt82 L173.30 pt
8 L16.91 pt33 L69.74 pt58 L122.58 pt83 L175.41 pt
9 L19.02 pt34 L71.85 pt59 L124.69 pt84 L177.52 pt
10 L21.13 pt35 L73.97 pt60 L126.80 pt85 L179.64 pt
11 L23.25 pt36 L76.08 pt61 L128.92 pt86 L181.75 pt
12 L25.36 pt37 L78.19 pt62 L131.03 pt87 L183.86 pt
13 L27.47 pt38 L80.31 pt63 L133.14 pt88 L185.98 pt
14 L29.59 pt39 L82.42 pt64 L135.26 pt89 L188.09 pt
15 L31.70 pt40 L84.54 pt65 L137.37 pt90 L190.20 pt
16 L33.81 pt41 L86.65 pt66 L139.48 pt100 L211.34 pt
17 L35.93 pt42 L88.76 pt67 L141.60 pt125 L264.17 pt
18 L38.04 pt43 L90.88 pt68 L143.71 pt150 L317.01 pt
19 L40.15 pt44 L92.99 pt69 L145.82 pt175 L369.84 pt
20 L42.27 pt45 L95.10 pt70 L147.94 pt200 L422.68 pt
21 L44.38 pt46 L97.22 pt71 L150.05 pt250 L528.34 pt
22 L46.49 pt47 L99.33 pt72 L152.16 pt300 L634.01 pt
23 L48.61 pt48 L101.44 pt73 L154.28 pt500 L1056.69 pt
24 L50.72 pt49 L103.56 pt74 L156.39 pt750 L1585.03 pt
25 L52.83 pt50 L105.67 pt75 L158.50 pt1000 L2113.38 pt

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