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The ISO 11064 PDF Free Download specifies ergonomic principles, recommendations and requirements to be applied in the design of control centres, as well as in the expansion, refurbishment and technological upgrades of control centres.It covers all types of control centres typically employed for process industries, transportation and logistic control systems and people deployment services. Although this part of iso 11064 pdf free download is primarily intended for non-mobile control centres, many of the principles specified in this document could be applicable to mobile control centres, such as those found on ships and aircraft.

The iso 11064 pdf free download specifies a coded character set for coded character recognition (CCR), the defined symbols being based on the 7-bit ASCII standard, including its 95 printable characters. This subclause specifies the data format for coded data to be recognized by an optical scanner. It can also be used for scanner control purposes. The purpose of this subclause is to achieve interchangeability among equipment produced by different manufacturers. This subclause is applicable only to CCR employing optical scanners. It does not apply to other means of CCR, such as sound recognition or automatic number plate recognition equipment. The iso 11064 3 pdf free download gives a guideline for development of verifiable safety-related system requirements. The iso 11064 3 pdf free download is aimed at assisting designers in specifying appropriate system safety requirements in a systematic way, taking into account the principles in ISO/IEC 25010, and including suitable guidance on their application. ISO 11064 1 pdf free download specifies a method for evaluating chemical protective clothing and individual protection equipment against the chemical warfare agents (CWAs) that are on the United Nations (UN) Schedule of Chemical Weapons. The method is intended to be used as a complement to national laboratory baseline tests of such equipment and clothing, and as a method for testing by manufacturers, users of chemical protective clothing and individual protection equipment, and laboratories.

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