Kiralik Ask with English subtitles

It’s the story of a girl, named Defne Topal (Elçin Sangu) who found herself in a love game when she needed money for her brother’s debt. Defne is a waitress and she is looking after her grandmother, her young sister and even her older brother. Her mother and father left her and her siblings. One day a man (Ömer İplikçi) comes in the restaurant where she works and kisses her suddenly because he wants to save himself from a blind date which his aunt arranged for him.

What Defne and Ömer don’t know is, that Ömer’s aunt Neriman (Nergis Kumbasar) was there and saw the kiss. After that Defne’s life changes. Neriman comes with an offer to Defne, an offer to marry and then leave the man she rented her for. Neriman was ready to give 400.000 liras but Defne only took the money she needed, which was 200.000 liras and accepts the offer to save her brother from the people he made debt from. She starts as an assistant near Ömer İplikçi (Barış Arduç) and she was unaware of the fact that he is the man who kissed her until she sees him the first time at her first work day. She has 6 months to marry and then leave him. Ömer İplikçi has a work obsession and especially he has hard-to-please taste in general. But when Defne enters his life as his assistant his life changes forever.

Neriman tries to find a way to make Omar gets married in six months in order to place her father-in-law who threatents to disinherist them. She wants to find a girl who can make Omer fall in love with her in six months. Neriman remembers Defne amd proposes her an extraordinary offer. According to this offer, Defne will work as a personal assistant of Omer, she will lok beautiful all day, she will do what Omer likes, and she will make fall in love with her. Even tough Defne does not want to be involved in this kind of game, she accepts the offer to save her brother. She takes the money, saves her brother, and starts her new challenging life.

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