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Enroll for contract law online course and get a more rigorous knowledge of the theories surrounding the subject. The contract law online course will improve your understanding of whatever you might have learnt in any  class. The online course on contract law is a well known law online course among
many practitioners and students in law.

About This online course on contract law

Course Description

The online course on contract law acquaints students with the common law, equitable and statutory rules relating to enforceable agreements and puts those rules in their practical perspective. Although the contract law online course is not concerned with the statutory modifications made with respect to specific classes of contract (eg employment, land, consumer finance, etc), which are dealt with in other courses, an understanding of the basic conception of a contract is vital not just as a starting point for those statutory models but also for an understanding of everyday commercial agreements. The following topics will be covered: formation; terms and interpretation; privity of contract, agency and assignment of obligations; vitiating factors; statutory remedies for unfair conduct or terms; performance and discharge of obligations; enforcement, compensation and restitutionary remedies.

The syllabus is split into 5 closely related parts:
  • Part I (“Making the Contracts) considers the process by which a binding contract is formed.
  • Part II (“Escaping from Liability”) considers the ways in which parties who have caused loss attempt to exclude or limit their liability and the efforts of the courts and legislators (in the U.K. and EC) to thwart these attempts at escaping from liability.
  • Part III (“Escaping from the Contract Altogether”) examines the very limited ways in which the law allows parties to cancel their contract altogether: misrepresentation, mistake and unconscionability.
  • Part IV (“Remedies”) considers in greater detail the remedies available to an innocent party upon non performance or breach of a contract.
  • Part V (“Beyond Contract”) examines the limits of contract, mainly in terms of who is – and is not – bound by its terms; and the relationship of the Law of Contract with the Law of Tort and Restitution.

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