Filled with wisdom and encouragement, every single page is a testament to the power of words, and the impact they can have on the relationships you build with others. And most importantly, the one you have with yourself.

Lang Leav captures the intricacies of emotions like few others can. It’s no wonder she has been recognized as a major influencer of the modern poetry movement and her writing has inspired a whole new generation of poets to pick up a pen.

Love Looks Pretty on You is truly the must-have book for poetry lovers all over the world.
Lang Leav is back at healing our hearts and enlightening our souls through the power of her poetry. Her latest and sixth poetry book, Love Looks Pretty on You is full of poems that both your mind and heart need to hear.

Lang’s new poetry collection focuses on all things love; self-love, as well as the beauty, blindness, complexity, and acceptance of love. Love Looks Pretty on You contains 224 pages of poems. These poems are typically written in a few powerful sentences or with the use of metaphors but are inspiring and heartwarming nonetheless.

Lang Leav’s words give hope to the heartbroken. Though she’s written many poems about heartbreak and unrequited love, in recent years, she’s begun writing poems about requited love. This poetic transition illustrates that there is love after heartbreak, for both Lang and her readers. Her poem I Know Love from her latest collection is a beautiful example of finding and being in a mutually loving relationship. While Lang Leav still reflects on past loves, the present love in Lang Leav’s poems is no longer toxic or unrequited, it is wholesome and reciprocated.

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