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Enroll for the highest quality online courses from institutions who share our commitment to excellence in distance education and online learning.

Sometimes you want to take and pass an online course just for the sheer joy of learning something new. But sometimes you need to complete a course online to get a better job, a promotion, reduce the time needed to complete a university degree, transfer to an ongoing degree or to include in a college application.

Stuvera provides you with full information of universities where you can earn a  transfer credit to help you with this. Employers and schools most times want proof of what you have achieved in an online course; an Online certificate program provides that proof.

Below are the list of online courses you can study through distance learning from world reputable universities in countries like USA, UK,  Canada, Norway, Finland and Germany with tuition fee in the range of $ 0 to $600, feel free to talk to our  Study Adviser for complete support and advise on applying for the most affordable online certificate programs in the world.


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