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Compiled by leading authorities on the topic, this guide explains how genetic variation contributes to differing patient responses to medicines, including chemotherapy emphasizes how pharmacogenetics will alter the diagnosis, classification, and treatment of common diseases demonstrates the role of pharmacogenetics in the development of patient-tailored medications discusses variability in drug metabolism enzyme pathways The only source on the subject to offer both an overview and a disease-based approach, this reference text spans the wide array of technical, methodological, regulatory, and ethical issues related to pharmacogenetics and stresses the impact of pharmacogenetic data on patient care and management. Providing expertly selected references, tables, and figures in each chapter, this guide details the relevance of pharmacogenetic applications to disease based specialities including sections on pharmacogenetics of cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous system, infectious, gastroenterological, oncologic, hematologic, metabolic, and rheumatologic disorders.

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Table of Contents

PRINCIPLES OF PHARMACOGENETICS. Identification of Treatment Response Genes. Methods of Genotyping. Pharmacoproteomics. Potential Social, Ethical Issues Raised by the Development of Pharamacogenetics. CLINICAL PRACTICE AND PHARMACOGENETICS. Pharmacogenetics of Adverse Drug Reactions. Pharamcogenetics of Respiratory Disease. Hematological Pharmacogenetics. Pharmacogenetics in Oncology. Pharmacogenetics in Infectious Diseases. Pharmacogenetics in Rheumatology. Polymorphisms in Cardiovascular Medicine. Pharmacogenetics and Metabolic Disease. Pharmacogenetics in Gastroenterology. The Genetics of Antipsychotic Response.

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