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Thinking critically about research methods and statistics

Beins and McCarthy Research Methods and Statistics book present a seamless introduction to statistics and research methods, identifying different research areas and how one approaches them statistically. It covers both qualitative research methods and quantitative research methods and it helps students understand research methodology and statistics in application to their various discipline. 

The research methodology pdf textbook is designed for a one- or two-semester combined course in Statistics and Research Methods/Experimental Psychology. It helps students develop critical thinking skills about research and data analysis they see in the news and to evaluate claims people make based on that research in application to qualitative and quantitative research pdf.

Teaching & Learning Experience

  • Improve Critical Thinking – The entire text helps students develop critical thinking skills about research and data analysis they see in the news and to evaluate claims people make about research.
  • Support Instructors – MyTest, PowerPoints, and an instructor’s manual offer additional support for instructors.

Table of Contents


Part I: Understanding Research

Chapter 1: Psychology, Science, And Life

Part II: The First Steps in Conducting Research

Chapter 2: Ethics In Research: Following The Golden Rule

Chapter 3: Planning Your Research: What Do We Already Know About The Topic?

Chapter 4: Research Basics: Samples And Measurements

Chapter 5: Organizing Data with Descriptive Statistics

Part III: Creating Experiments

Chapter 6: Basics of Experimental Design

Chapter 7: Inferential Statistics

Chapter 8: Looking For Differences Between Groups

Chapter 9: Looking For Differences Among Multiple Groups

Chapter 10: Expanding On Experimental Designs: Factorial Designs and Quasi-Experiments

Part IV: Correlational and Nonexperimental Research

Chapter 11: Survey Research

Chapter 12: Correlation, Regression, and Nonparametric Tests

Chapter 13: Research In Depth: Case Studies and Longitudinal Research

Part V: Culture and Research

Chapter 14: People Are Different: Cultural Considerations In Research


Appendix A: Writing a Research Report

Appendix B: Creating an Oral Presentation

Appendix C: Creating a Poster Presentation

Appendix D: Answers to Homework Problems (Pulled From Chapters)

Appendix E: Statistical Tables


Table E.1 Significance Values for The Normal Distribution (Z)

Table E.2 Significance Values for The T Distribution (T)

Table E.3 Significance Values for The Analysis Of Variance (F Test)

Table E.4 Significance Values for The Pearson Product-Moment

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