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About Searching Full Movie


Searching is a 2018 American mystery thriller film directed by Aneesh Chaganty in his feature debut and written by Chaganty and Sev Ohanian. Set entirely on computer screens and smartphones, the film follows a father (John Cho) trying to find his missing 16-year-old daughter (Michelle La) with the help of a police detective (Debra Messing). It is the first mainstream Hollywood thriller headlined by an Asian-American actor.

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The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2018, and was theatrically released in the United States on August 31, 2018, by Screen Gems. The film was a financial and critical success, grossing over $75 million worldwide against a $880,000 budget and receiving praise for its direction, acting, unique visual presentation and unpredictable storyline. At the Independent Spirit Awards, Cho was nominated for Best Male Lead.


In San Jose, California, David Kim is shown looking through photographs and videos of his daughter Margot and his wife Pamela at various times in Margot’s childhood as a happy, close family. Pamela is diagnosed with lymphoma, and dies right before Margot enters high school.

One night, Margot goes to a friend’s house for a study group. While David sleeps, Margot attempts to call him three times. The next morning, David is unable to find Margot but assumes she has risen early to go to school. Later, he calls Margot’s piano instructor, but is informed that Margot cancelled her lessons six months ago. David discovers that Margot had been pocketing the money for the lessons, and had transferred it to a now-deleted Venmo account. Realizing that Margot is missing, David calls the police, and the case is assigned to Detective Rosemary Vick, who asks for information about Margot’s personality and friendships. David manages to access Margot’s accounts, including Facebook, and speaks to her contacts, but discovers that Margot had become a loner since Pamela’s death. Vick calls to report that Margot made a fake ID for herself, and shows traffic-camera footage of Margot’s car at a highway-juncture outside of the city, suggesting that Margot may have run away.

David, unconvinced, discovers that Margot has been using a live streaming site called YouCast and that she frequently spoke to a young woman called “fish_n_chips”. Vick investigates this, and reports back that fish_n_chips is innocent, having been sighted in Pittsburgh at the time of the disappearance. From Margot’s Tumblr account, David finds that Margot frequently visited Barbosa Lake, which is near the highway juncture where she was last seen. He drives to the lake and finds Margot’s Pokémon keychain on the ground. The police arrive and discover Margot’s car underwater and an envelope containing the piano lesson money but not Margot. A sweep of the surrounding area is conducted by the police and volunteers, but a thunderstorm slows the progress. Margot’s body, however, is still not found.

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David reviews a site which displays the crime-scene photographs and notices Peter’s jacket inside. He then discovers text messages between Margot and his brother Peter hinting that they were having an incestuous relationship. When David drives to Peter’s house to confront him, the latter explains that they were only smoking marijuana and confiding in each other, and chastises David for failing to notice that his daughter was depressed. The meeting is interrupted when Vick calls David, telling him that an ex-convict named Randy Cartoff has confessed in an online video to raping and killing Margot, committing suicide afterwards.

An empty-casket funeral is arranged for Margot. As David is uploading photographs to a funeral streaming service, he notices that the website’s stock photograph features the same woman as fish_n_chips’s profile-picture. David contacts the woman in question, a stock model, and confirms she has no connection to fish_n_chips. Attempting to call Vick to report this, David instead reaches a dispatcher who indirectly reveals that Vick volunteered to take the case as opposed to being assigned to it. David Googles Vick and finds that she knew Cartoff through a volunteer program for ex-convicts. He reports this to the sheriff, and at the funeral, Vick is arrested.

A few days later, Vick has agreed to confess to murder and other crimes in exchange for leniency for her son Robert, who was using the online identity fish_n_chips to get close to Margot because he had a crush on her. Margot sent Robert the money thinking that Robert was a working-class girl whose mother was in the hospital. Robert felt guilty and wanted to give the money back, so he decided to confront Margot at the lake. Robert surprised Margot by getting into her car while she was smoking marijuana, prompting her to run, and in the ensuing scuffle Robert accidentally pushed Margot off a 50-foot ravine. Vick decided to cover up the incident, pushing the car into the lake, creating the fake false ID and the fish_n_chips’s alibi as a waitress in Pittsburgh. When David found the car, proving that Margot could not have run away, Vick turned Cartoff into a fall guy, murdering him in the process.

The film then jumps back to Vick right after being arrested. As she is being transported into custody, David asks her where Margot’s body is, and Vick tells him that Margot is in the ravine, and suggested that even if she had survived the fall, she could not have lived five days without water. David tells the police to turn the car around, pointing out that the storm occurred on the third day of the search which would have provided Margot with water. At the ravine, the rescue crew discovers Margot severely injured but alive.

Two years later, a wheelchair-bound Margot is shown to have applied for college to major in piano, with her acceptance status as pending. Through texts, David tells Margot that Pamela would have been proud of her, something he neglected to do at the start of the film.

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