Statistical Aspects Of The Design And Analysis Of Clinical Trials

About The Book Statistical Aspects Of The Design And Analysis Of Clinical Trials

“. . . given a keen amateur interest and an ability to skip the occasional rather daunting-looking equation this book is surprisingly accessible . . . There’s an introductory chapter containing an excellent historical overview.” Transactions of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene “In providing a concise description of the statistical aspects of the design and analysis of clinical trials, free of any major typographical errors, the authors have succeeded. Those concerned with the correct design and analysis of clinical trials, but wishing to avoid either the advanced theoretical aspects or too much focus on application of methodologies, will find this book to be very accessible with relatively up-to-date references.” Pharmaceutical Statistics Fully updated, this revised edition describes the statistical aspects of both the design and analysis of trials, with particular emphasis on the more recent methods of analysis. About 8000 clinical trials are undertaken annually in all areas of medicine, from the treatment of acne to the prevention of cancer. Correct interpretation of the data from such trials depends largely on adequate design and on performing the appropriate statistical analyses. This book provides a useful guide to medical statisticians and others faced with the often difficult problems of designing and analysing clinical trials.

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