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Barb awakens in the Upside Down: a decaying, overgrown alternate dimension. Joyce believes Will is communicating through pulses in light bulbs. Brenner allows Hopper to view doctored security footage from the night Will vanished, leading Hopper to investigate Brenner, discovering his involvement with Project MKUltra, a CIA experiment into the brainwashing potential of psychoactive drugs, and that a woman named Terry Ives alleged years earlier that her daughter was taken by Brenner. Eleven recalls Brenner, whom she calls “Papa”, punishing her for refusing to telekinetically hurt a cat. Steve destroys Jonathan’s camera after discovering the photos from the party. Nancy later recovers a photo of Barb, having realized that she is missing. Returning to Steve’s house to investigate, Nancy encounters the Demogorgon but manages to escape. Joyce paints an alphabetic board on her wall with Christmas lights, allowing Will to sign to her that he is “RIGHT HERE” and that she needs to “RUN”. Believing that Eleven knows where Will is, the boys ask her to lead them to him. Eleven leads them to a quarry, just as Will’s apparent body is recovered from the water by the search party.

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