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About The Essential World History, Volume II: Since 1500, 8th Edition PDF
Noted teachers and scholars William J. Duiker and Jackson J. Spielvogel present a brief, balanced, highly readable overview of world history that explores common challenges and experiences that unite the human past and that identify key regional patterns over time. The text adopts a balanced approach to world history, with some chapters focusing on specific geographical regions and others taking a comparative or thematic approach, in deference to the increasing interconnection that marks developments in the world today. This approach helps students to link events together in a broad comparative and global framework, thereby placing the contemporary world in a more meaningful historical context. Available in the following split options: THE ESSENTIAL WORLD HISTORY, Eighth Edition Complete, Volume I: To 1800, and Volume II: Since 1500.
Table of Contents
14. New Encounters: The Creation of a World Market.
15. Europe Transformed: Reform and State Building.
16. The Muslim Empires.
17. The East Asian World.
18. The West on the Eve of a New World Order.
19. The Beginnings of Modernization: Industrialization and Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century.
20. The Americas and Society and Culture in the West.
21. The High Tide of Imperialism.
22. Shadows over the Pacific: East Asia Under Challenge.
23. The Beginning of the Twentieth-Century Crisis: War and Revolution.
24. Nationalism, Revolution, and Dictatorship: Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America from 1919 to 1939.
25. The Crisis Deepens: World War II.
26. East and West in the Grip of the Cold War.
27. Brave New World: Communism on Trial.
28. Europe and the Western Hemisphere Since 1945.
29. Challenges of Nation Building in Africa and the Middle East.
30. Toward the Pacific Century?
New to this edition
New Primary Sources–New boxed documents have been added to almost every chapter. New topics include: “Social Classes in Ancient India” (Chapter 2); “Relations Between Greeks and Non-Greeks” (Chapter 4); “The Spread of the Muslim Faith” (Chapter 7); “Queen Elizabeth I: I Have the Heart of a King” (Chapter 15); “A Plea for Women’s Education” (Chapter 17); “Flaubert and an Image of Bourgeois Marriage” (Chapter 20); “A Speech by Vaclav Havel” (Chapter 27); and “Osama bin Laden’s ‘I Accuse’” (Chapter 29).
Connections to Today–a new question has been added at the beginning of each chapter to help students appreciate the relevance of history by asking them to draw connections between the past and the present.
New Opposing Viewpoints–Several new Opposing Viewpoints features appear in the Eighth Edition. New topics include: “Women in the Roman and Han Empires” (Chapter 5); “Two Views of Trade and Merchants” (Chapter 12; “Practical Learning or Confucian Essence” (Chapter 22); and “Confrontation in Southeast Asia” (Chapter 26).
New Film & History features–New Film & History essays include: LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Chapter 24); DR. STRANGELOVE (Chapter 26); and THE IRON LADY (Chapter 28).
All chapters have been updated to reflect current scholarship, including dramatic recent events in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

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