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About Vastu Book in Sinhala PDF Free Download

Vastu Book in Sinhala PDF Free Download was created for people who want to live in harmony and peace? Then this vastu vidya sinhala book free download is for you!
In this increasingly stressed and uncertain life of today, who wouldn’t want to have inner peace and live in harmony with their surroundings? People are anxious to get rid of conflicts an struggles that infl ict them and live a healthy and peaceful life. Vaastu is a science that can introduce tranquility and inspiration within and around us. It is gaining acceptance worldwide as people fi nd solace in its therapeutic principles. VAASTU Vedic Architectural Wisdom for Modern Buildings is a fantastic for that is written for the layman, who wishes to get a realistic picture of this subject. Free from jargon this vastu books in sinhala pdf is an easy and interesting read. The versa le Personality of author and his excellent training enables him to outline simply and clearly the major principles of Vaastu here, along with practical suggestions. Naresh Singal is a qualified Vaastu, Feng Shui, Pyramidology consultant & recipient of Gold Medalist for his achievements in Vaastu. His articles have been published in leading newspapers & magazines, for e.g., Hindustan Times, Prabhat Khabar, Nai Dunia (Indore) Vanita, Women On Top, Wedding Aff air, NRI Achievers, Estate Avenues etc., His weekly column on Vaastu in Hindustan Times (Hindi & English) is very popular. His shows are telecasted on various TV channels like Delhi Aaj Tak, Zee channel etc and his weekly program is aired on 89.4 FM in UAE. His mentors are Dr. Pooran Chand Rao & Er. H.M. Saleem. He regularly conducts Vaastu Workshops in reputed organisations like the Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, Bharat Vikas Parishad and many schools & collages.
Bharat Singal is an Astro & Vaastu Consultant. He has some of the noted politicians, industrialists, builders & film celebrities in his clientele. He is also a regular astro advisor on iDevotional channel and a columnist in various Magazines & Newspapers like Real Estate Observer, The Next Location, Good Health, Wedding Mantra, Parivarik Dastak, Ajmernama etc.

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